A8 D2

Audi A8 D2 from 1997-2002

Audi Seat Memories And Key Fobs

We owned Audis that have remote key fobs and driver memory seat, it’s great for family members to drive the car without having re-adjusting the seat everytime we use the same car. The driver seat can have up to 4 memory positions, which means we can also have 4 key fobs with different positions if

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Our A8 After 7 Wonderful Years

We would never think of a day that we would replace our wonderful A8 for a smaller A4. But it’s going to be a cabriolet, since the summer is coming and the sun should be bright and warm in Northern CA, nothing better than driving the family in a 4 seater convertible, especially 4-Rings one.

A8 32V Home Made Crank Pulley Lock

To remove 32V engine crank bolt, we need a pulley locking tool which is sold for about $100 on the net. I made one myself just to use for a few times. Cost about $15.00. The cut for the stars should fit snug and not loose, so don’t cut them too wide. Everything was bought