It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Our A8 After 7 Wonderful Years

We would never think of a day that we would replace our wonderful A8 for a smaller A4. But it’s going to be a cabriolet, since the summer is coming and the sun should be bright and warm in Northern CA, nothing better than driving the family in a 4 seater convertible, especially 4-Rings one. The kids love the test drive and the color. Anyhow, last night I took some pictures of our A8, it has always been good to us, now it leaks oil and smokes in stop and go trips (this one I know what the problem is, it can be fixed easily), the oil leaks, I don’t know where they come from and I don’t want to bother with it, just top the oil every thousand miles. The breather hose, both of them cracked, one seems to be fixable with hoses and other may have to get the original part from dealer. I don’t really want to bother with these also. The car just turn 175k miles.

The smoke due to crimped style clamp leaks under pressure from the expansion tank.

coolant leaks under pressure

Use a small screw driver to remove the old clamp

pry the old crimp type clamp

loosen it and remove

old clamp out

new clamps

slide the new clamp in

tighten it

top up the coolant

Breather hose cracked

breather hose cracked on the driver side

the crack

And the car has been garaged every night for last 7 years.

How stable, smooth and quiet is a 13 year old A8 with 175k miles?

The pictures on mother’s day

The car is being sold to a forum member-we’re glad it’s going to a good home.


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