A8 D3

Audi A8(L) D3 from 2004-2010 US

Goodbye My Wonderful 2006 A8L

2006 A8L D3

had served our family so well for 9 years. I got it when it had 73k miles for $17k. Since we had no place to park the car, we had to let it go when we got our 2014 A5 Cabriolet in 2021. I had upgraded the car with backup camera, Apple CarPlay. The only

What you should/must know about Audi Electrical System

A8 D3 energy (power) management control unit

Audi electrical system is very sophisticated especially with A8 D3. This is how I understand the system. The electrical system in general includes Alternator, Battery, Power Management System, ECM (Engine Control Module).  

Replace Windshield Wipers on A8 D3 2006

Audi A8 D3 Wiper Service Position

It’s going to rain the whole weekend, my original 2006 A8L wipers are deteriorated and don’t perform well any more. It’s time to replace them. Found with all different types of reviews, especially made for Mercedes, but on the fine print it does say for Audi A8 and S8 D3, the length is the same