Replace Windshield Wipers on A8 D3 2006

It’s going to rain the whole weekend, my original 2006 A8L wipers are deteriorated and don’t perform well any more. It’s time to replace them. Found with all different types of reviews, especially made for Mercedes, but on the fine print it does say for Audi A8 and S8 D3, the length is the same 22″, the important thing is the blade sockets that matched the original wipers. The blade sockets looked the same so I took the chance to buy. What a surprise, they fit on my wipers perfectly and they came just in time, raining all weekends. There’s no streaks, no squeaky sounds like some of the reviews, the video would speak for themselves. They fit very nicely without any modifications, snap on and go. The only thing I noticed that is different from the original one is they both leave metal gaps on the wipers which cosmetically NOT original, other than that, they’re both secured in place and perform as they should. The price is amazingly low, although I don’t know how long they would last, but time will tell. Just got them today. 

– The left side we can just lift up the wiper, but the left side we need to put the wipers on service mode which will move the wipers upward for easy removal.

Make sure the inserts are at least 22″ long, the best is 23-24″ so we can cut them instead. Get a good rubber ones or just buy the whole blades if you time to wait for shipping. We can buy the bracket less blades and remove the rubber inserts. 

– Just pull the old rubber blade out, at the end when the cap lock is, press the 2 metal frames together overlapping to remove the frame out of the cap, remove the cap.

The middle of the new rubber blade must be trimmed to clear the center pin of mounting mechanism for flat installation, not being pushed out by this pin.

-Keep one side closed with the cap, slide the insert through the channel all the way to the end, hold it in place by placing part of the plastic wind deflector on or the original clamp.

Finish the center part then the rest of the other side, cut the excess then put the lock cap back on.

-Slide the wind deflectors on both, make sure it’s matched with the center mounting mechanism.

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