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Oil Change On Q7 MK1 3.6L


Since we don’t drive our 2008 Q7 MK1 (2005-2015) 3.6L much, we still change oil every 2 years at 65k miles. We’re using Mobil 1 0-40W. We only drive less than 5k miles a year since 2008. .

50k Miles Service On 2017 Q7

q7 oil change

My friend’s 2017 Q7 Prestige had 50k miles and it needed a service. Since my 2008 Q7 has 75k miles and the spark plugs are still good, we would skip the new spark plugs this time. All the fluids are good so we only checked for leaks and all the levels. We would change the

Audi A8L D3 Oil Change @123k

mobil 1 warranty

I check the oil level and regardless. No car will break if the oil level is always full. This Audi V8 doesn’t burn oil, it’s amazing. It doesn’t matter what grade I need to use, as long as it’s on sale, but it has to be Mobil 1. This time 0-40w was on sale for