50k Miles Service On 2017 Q7

My friend’s 2017 Q7 Prestige had 50k miles and it needed a service. Since my 2008 Q7 has 75k miles and the spark plugs are still good, we would skip the new spark plugs this time. All the fluids are good so we only checked for leaks and all the levels. We would change the oil and check the air cleaner. 

2017 Q7 3.0T the oil filter can be removed and installed from the top of the car, so we used the oil extractor which make the job much easier and quicker. The socket for the oil filter housing is 36mm which is quite huge, but I had the set. 

The oil dipstick is no longer used, so it just has a plug, remove the plug and insert the oil extractor hose and just pump away. Remember to plug it back after it’s done.

The air cleaner is right on the top which we can remove and inspect easily, it’s right on the top.

The oil capacity on this Q7 is 6.8 quarts, and we used Mobil 1 5W-30 readily available.

The oil sensor took more than 20 minutes after we filled up the oil to register. Even with 6.8 quarts it still shown low so we had to put the whole 7 quarts.

To reset the oil service interval, we just need to go to the MMI screen, under menu, car, services to reset the oil interval, quite easy and painless. It would come back after 10k miles.

The whole process took less than 1 hour with showing my friend how to do everything.

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