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Fix Nail In Tire

Nail In Tire

My e-Golf had a nail in the tire and the Tire Shop and Costco refused to fix due to the nail location. The tire was good and I didn’t think what their concerns were legitimate, so I fixed it myself. 

How To Fix A8 D3 Broken Glove Box Frame

Fix Audi A8 D3 broken glove box frame

If you have an Audi A8 D3, chances are you’d have a broken glove box frame which cause the left side to sag down. It’s an easy fix with a heavy duty staple gun.

Fix Audi A8 D3 Soft Close Trunk NOT Closing

My 2006 A8L D3 soft close trunk latch stop closing, I could hear the soft close mechanism moving but the latch doesn’t move up to catch the lid latch, hence the trunk doesn’t close itself, it needs a strong slam manually. The soft close latch has a spring to pull the latch up when the