How I Replaced Left Mirror Motor On 2008 Q7

It’s been 13 since something fails in my 2008 Q7. This is the first part failure on this reliable Audi Q7, amazing. The left (driver) rear view mirror motor stopped working, I’ve ordered one online from Ebay and they shipped a wrong one which was a hassle to return it and it cost me money to ship. I’d checked for the part # and ECS Tuning came up with the lowest price with free shipping, it’s a no brainer to order from them, it’s also the first time dealing with ECS Tuning, it did take 5 days to receive it. The procedure to replace the part is not hard, just need to remove the mirror out of the motor frame by firmly use both hands to unsnap the mirror from the motor. There are 3 torx T10 screws need to be removed to lift the motor from the base, unplug the electrical connector and replace with a new one. There are 2 types, 3 pins and 8 pins, if the Q7 has memory mirror, then it’s 8 pins. The part# is 7L6-959-577-A.

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