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2008 Q7 @ 52k Miles – DIY

Q7 Oil change at 65k miles. I haven’t written much about our 2008 Q7 all these years because nothing has ever been broken. Oil change every year or 15k miles is not very exciting to write. Many people would say nothing is wrong with the car because I don’t drive and it sits in the […]


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A8 D3 | Oil Change

Change Oil On Audi A8L D3

  My 105k miles service. It’s been 9k miles since the last oil change on my 2006 A8L. The oil is still full and clear. This car doesn’t burn any oil at 82k miles. The synthetic oil seems to hold up very well. I’m preparing all the stuff needed for the next oil change. I’m […]


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Q7 3.6 Oil Change

Since my Q7 last service contract ended in Sept, I will have to change the oil myself. Until I actually do mine, I don’t have any pictures or procedure, I prepared and found this page for future reference.


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