How To Remove Paint Scratches On Paint

paint scratches

The original paint is always tougher than anything adhered to it, it’s very easy to remove the paint scratches on your car paint. My mother in-law MBZ B250e was scratched due to moving against the garage door. It looked really bad, but with the putty scrapper and rubbing alcohol, I could remove it without damaging

How I Tried To Fix Hood Dents

hood dent 2

I was installing the PTZ camera and accidentally made the ladder fall on to the hood of my 2017 e-Golf which created 2 little dents. I really wanted to try to fix it myself before calling paintless dents removal experts which cost $250 without warranty due to deep dent. First thing I need to do is

How I Replaced Left Mirror Motor On 2008 Q7

Q7 left mirror motor

It’s been 13 since something fails in my 2008 Q7. This is the first part failure on this reliable Audi Q7, amazing. The left (driver) rear view mirror motor stopped working, I’ve ordered one online from Ebay and they shipped a wrong one which was a hassle to return it and it cost me money