July 17, 2013 / 35,763 views / A8 D3

How To Fix Weak Trunk Motor From Lifting-Audi A8L

I got the Audi buffers part# 4F5-827-249-B to replace the original ones and they help lifting the trunk without the spring that used to help lifting. Used rivets 1/8″ x 5/16″ from assorted rivets box from Walmart. The Latest Aluminum case trunk lid motor is 4E0 827 852 H – the H is the key. […]

June 7, 2013 / 2,763 views / A8 D3 | Electrical

Remove Or Replace A8 Trunk Lid Motor

2013-06-09 Troubleshoot the electrical The trunk lid motor on my 2006 A8L is really weak – it doesn’t go up like the Q7 – I decided to remove it. If I want to replace the motor, the new and improved version is for 2008 or newer 4E0 827 852 H. It has the metal aluminum case […]