A8 D2

A8 Upper Control Arm Replacement

This was the way I did mine, please use the below information as reference only and be safe. The upper Control arms start to loosen when my car hit 120k+, they make clunking noise when you back up while turning, and my car feels loose when you go over bumps. It took me 5 hours

A8 D2 Xenon Alignment Using Vag-Com

Someone asks me about the xenon alignment using Vag-Com, I went the website and here is the procedure, we still need to know the manual screw adjustment. Basic Setting Headlight Adjustment [Select] [55 – Xenon Range] [Basic Settings – 04] Group 001 [Go!] Activate the Basic Setting. [ON/OFF/Next] The meas. block field now shows “Wait”

A8 Remote Key Fob Programming

When the remotes don’t work very well, the batteries 3V CR1620 may be drained too low. We need to check the batteries and replace if necessary. To open the case, get a small screw driver or you’re strong enough, you can pull the case and the remote apart. Make sure the + side (flat side)