CarPlay on Audi MMI 2G
April 24, 2018 / 22,053 views / A8 D3 | MMI 2G | Q5 | Q7

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for Audi MMI 2G

So, finally I got the system to work with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto perfectly with . Thanks to , showed me how to do it with the that enable the touchscreen module.  For people who don’t want to mess around with Android Coding, just download the and run it with the hid-multitouch.ko. Components I’ve […]

August 13, 2013 / 11,354 views / A8 D3 | MMI 2G


2015-01-10 The Amazing unit is still working. 2014-01-11 I’m tired of watching 1 or 2 mobile channels, I got a new tuner, stationary to watch many channels while waiting for my family shopping or attending events. Now I’m happy, I can watch sports or shows in the parking lot where the family shops. So, I […]