How To Install Analog TV Tuner 4E0 919 146 On Audi MMI 2G

For MMI 2G that don’t come with RVC controller, you can just connect the Video input straight to the FBAS

The part number for the red 20pin connector is 8e0 972 420, the black insert is tyco 1534102-1 (pbt-gf15)

TV Tuner 20 Pin Pinout

For Audi MMI 2G that don’t have FBAS (RVC) installed, you need to add the circuit or change the MMI head unit from for the TV tuner to work. 2007+ A8s and Q7 have back up camera built in therefore it’s plug and play. To upgrade 4E0 035 729 A you also need the CAN Gateway that supports RVC: , older ones don’t support.

If we have an Audi with MMI 2G, FBAS RVC installed and we don’t have AMI unit built in and don’t want to spend $500+ to get one, the alternative is to get an old Analog TV Tuner 4E0 919 146 to install. If we want to watch movies, we can use or TV with digital TV tuner. The important wires are the 20PIN connectors. Follow the diagram to create your own cables. Pin 4,5,6,7,14,15,19,20 are not used. Make sure Pin 3 is connected to the sense line of the power connector – Wire color WHITE/YELLOW.

TV Tuner 20-Pins Connector     20 Pins Connector Assignment

Analog TV tuner is not available in the US, but we can get them used and very inexpensive on Ebay from Europe. The part number is 4E0 919 146. ?

Audi TV Tuner AV Sources Selection

  • If you want to stream music through an inexpensive bluetooth dongle ($6).
  • If you want to mirror your smartphones to the MMI screen ( if your car is 2006 or older)

  • If you want to watch TV OTA while waiting in the car.
  • All Analog TV tuner has 2 AV inputs, you can connect 2 AV systems to it and it work effortlessly through the MMI system.


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