bye-bye A8

Goodbye My Wonderful 2006 A8L

2006 A8L D3

had served our family so well for 9 years. I got it when it had 73k miles for $17k. Since we had no place to park the car, we had to let it go when we got our 2014 A5 Cabriolet in 2021. I had upgraded the car with backup camera, Apple CarPlay. The only

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Our A8 After 7 Wonderful Years

We would never think of a day that we would replace our wonderful A8 for a smaller A4. But it’s going to be a cabriolet, since the summer is coming and the sun should be bright and warm in Northern CA, nothing better than driving the family in a 4 seater convertible, especially 4-Rings one.