q5 AMI unit
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What You Should Know/Must know About AMI on MMI 2G

Most of Audi cars after 2004-2010 come with MMI 2G (7″ screen) with MOST bus installed – After 2011 it’s MMI 3G – Please check to make sure which system you have on your car. Before you go out and get yourself an AMI, make sure to check your MMI software version – – for […]

CD Auxiliary Input
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Stream Music Through Audi MMI via Bluetooth

06/08/2018 Modify AMI cable to stream audio with $10 30-Pin Bluetooth Receiver 11/29/2015 The cheapest, easiest way to do it is – 1. AMI to Auxiliary cable – works with all 2G & 3G . 2. USB Dongle –  3. Extension if the auxiliary cable is too short – Now bluetooth devices are inexpensive and used […]

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A8 Air Suspension Lift Mode Can Sustain At 60 MPH

Today on freeway, I checked the lift-mode – it’s grayed out when the speed hit over 50mph and came back when it’s under like clockwork. Audi A8 D3 (2004-2010) has air suspension – my sport option has adaptive suspension with 4 modes. The lift mode is the highest one – monster truck mode – high […]

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06 A8 D3 Update Stuff

Every time I get a “new to me” car, there are always things that need to update or modified. Here is the list of the things I’ve been updating to my 06 A8. MMI SOFTWARE UPDATE TO 4610 06 A8 has no back up camera, no AMI, these options don’t exist until 07  A8 for […]

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Audi MMI

Audi MMI started in 2005 for A6 and A8 – Multi Media Interface. This page is dedicated to MMI. 1. Spilled coffee on the MMI controls? 2. Update MMI Software to 4610?     3. Hidden Menu Enabled using VCDS (VAG-COM).     4. Enable Battery Meter using VCDS (VAG-COM).       Pairing iPhone […]