What You Should Know/Must know About AMI on MMI 2G

Most of Audi cars after 2004-2010 come with MMI 2G (7″ screen) with MOST bus installed – After 2011 it’s MMI 3G – Please check to make sure which system you have on your car. Before you go out and get yourself an AMI, make sure to check your MMI software version – – for MP3 USB flash drive . If your software is older, check the alternative solution because updating software, you will lose some MMI functions and you need the $350+ VCDS dongle and software to get those functions back, if you’re not a computer savvy person, it’s a pain.
One important thing to know is when you have MMI 2G/3G on your car, all multimedia devices must have MOST bus interface (OPTICAL) and NOT CAN bus interface. CAN bus is only used to select the devices in the system.

AMI (Audi Music Interface) which is capable of :

  • Play and control the MUSIC content of 30-pin iPods, iPhones since it came with AMI cable with 30-pin connector as standard. You will need MMI software version of 3360 or newer, the latest one is 4610.
  • Play and control the content MUSIC content of a USB flash drive or hard drive if you find the correct AMI-USB connector cable. This one requires MMI 4140 or higher.
  • Stream MUSIC content from your phones via Bluetooth if you use any AMI-AUX 3.5mm cable and a USB Bluetooth Dongle. Some Bluetooth devices claimed that you can use the 30-pin iPod connector to stream directly. The cheapest way if you have AMI is to buy this AMI-AUX cable and a $5 Bluetooth Dongle to stream. Most Bluetooth Dongle will have LOOP NOISE, you may need a LOOP NOISE Filter. DON’T buy Bluetooth Dongle with Voice, it will interfere with the original Bluetooth voice built in MMI Bluetooth module.

For MMI 2G, these original AMI box cost ~$500 which is quite expensive. Some after market box may sell cheaper but make sure they serve your purposes and they must have MOST bus.
Another inexpensive and quite easy
alternative for AMI is .

Besides these 2 ways, there isn’t much of anything out there that’s inexpensive to play or stream music to your MMI 2G.


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