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Ardenwood Elementary 3rd Grade Bowling Field Trip

  Brandon is lucky this year, his teacher organized a few field trips during the school year. His teacher’s been famous for NOT fond of field trips. His older sister never had a field trip with this teacher in 3rd grade. She was very unhappy about it. The last field trip for Brandon is Cloverleaf Family Bowling trip. He loved it and I’m sure all his classmates did too. Brandon keeps asking us to go back there for our family fun. He did get a few spares and he was so ecstatic.

I think field trips are great for children, they get to go places and learn new things, being together with classmates and teachers does create better relationships. Anyhow, I’m happy that I could take a day off and chaperon these kids, although I didn’t have to do anything.

Brandon and friends
Brandon and friends

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