Payne High Efficiency Furnace NO Heat, No Fan But Fan Motor Works FIXED

Our 1979 Payne High Efficiency Furnace stops producing heat, no heat, no fan although the fan works. We thought it was the thermostat and we replaced one, but it wasn’t the problem. We pulled the ignitor and broke it in the process although it might not be the problem. We replaced the flame sensor also and it might not be the problem either. We finally found the self-test printed on the main board cover and the board was good, the ignitor (new) actually came on. We’re so ignorant with the filter, the filter was blocked completely, never replaced or even checked after 10 years living in the house. The filters are only $4 for 4 replacements.

Before replacing anything – make sure to run the self-test to verify the fan-ignitor.

Payne High Efficiency Furnace 1979      Payne Sensor 1

Payne Sensors 2     Payne Furnace Ignitor

Payne Furnace Ignitor Mount

– We checked all the sensors and they’re all measured 0 ohm (GOOD).

– We checked the exhaust fan switch with vacuum hose by removing it, suck and blow to activate it, check the switch close and open, it works.

  • There were 5 sensors and the culprit was the one on the main fan motor housing, reset it by pushing the switch in a few times. It started right up. 

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