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Add Excerpts To WordPress Main Page

I like mono-lab themes, but none of them has excerpts built-in to list posts with excerpts on the main blog page. I found some codes that actually will work with any themes that don’t have excerpts functions at all. WordPress has built-in excerpts function, but the theme has to call it out to use. Depends […]

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Category Post List

8-24-12 Category Post List stops working when WordPress Users is activated on WordPress 3.4.1.       Category Post List Plugin [pageview url=”//” height=”400px” title=”Category Post List” border=”yes” scrolling=”yes”] Usage, this is a great plugin to create a page to list all posts in all categories of the blog like this page. ‘[‘jwcatpostlist] remove the ‘

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Create A Home Button In WordPress

I think it’s a good practice to have a home link button at the end of every page for readers to get back to the main page. Create a graphic button or download the free icon on the net: 1 for main and 1 for hover. If there is only 1 image, just use […]

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Jquery Image Preview

2012-08-15 Since I don’t know how to resize the preview images, I had to implement the James.Padolsey ways to limit my image preview to width of 500px. <a class=”webpage” title=”James Padolsey Image Preview” href=”//” rel=”/idogjs/ipreview/imgPreviewDemos.jpg” target=”_blank”>James.Padolsey</a> ways to limit my image preview to width of 500px.</em></p> Need 3 links from the website and put them […]