Software For My Mountain Lion

I’m trying to collect as many software title for my Mountain Lion as I can to replace these useful Windows software so I can use both. for Mac is called Pinta.

Pinta download – Pinto needs Mono .NET framework to work.

VLC player – Since Mountain Lion doesn’t support DVD drive, this is a great player for all types of movies, videos.

Handbrake for me to convert MKV, AVI, MOV, DVD… to MP4 videos or mkv. Great program and fast since it runs 64 bit (faster than the 64 bit Windows version).

Ilife 09 is a must, it’s inexpensive and it has everything in it.

Flash player from Adobe is needed to watch youtube or flash videos on the web.

Paragon NTFS to transfer files between Mac and Windows since I’m dual booting.

Notepad++ compatible TextWrangler for Mac

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