Mountain Lion On Lenovo G770 i5 HD3000

Mountain Lion on my Lenovo G770 i5 HD3000. Everything works except DVD player. I like the Messages, just like texting.

And always use portable drive to install before internal hard drive. For Realtek id 0139 card reader isn’t supported, a USB SD card reader is handy.

8-5-2012 For those who want to upgrade from Lion 10.7.x to 10.8, if it’s a dual boot (MBR partitions) system, use myHack3.1.2 to install ML 10.8 over the 10.7.x, you will still have all the apps, files, just need to reload some kexts. The retail ML apps only install on GUID partitions. I just did one on P8Z68 i5 2500k HD3000 system. Dual boot will need to be fixed, make sure to have windows 7 rescue disk (just in case you forgot to create the menu from EasyBCD). I’ll have a full tutorial soon.

2012-07-29 Mountain Lion 10.8 was available on Apple website last week for $19.99, it’s a great price. Now this is how I did mine and it works perfectly with everything except – DVD player can’t play + QuickTime doesn’t open AVI files.

Use myhack 3.1.2 to create an 8GB or a partition on a USB hard drive Mountain Lion Installer, make sure it’s myhack 3.1.2 and select 10.8 and not 10.7.

Create MyHackUSBLion drive

When the USB installer is done, open it up and copy some files from Lion 10.7.4 extra folder: SMBios.plist to the installer Extra folder, run my fix, select the USB installer partition and run quick fix. Please read how to create your own Extra folder to customize the myHack installer.

Reboot the laptop, hit F12 to get to boot menu and select the 8GB USB installer or External USB hard drive (with installer installed) and select the installer partition to boot, while the boot count down (5sec) click tab to get the menu to boot with -v flag.

boot from 8GB USB     boot with -v flag

Click disk utility to prepare ML partition.

The ML install screen     Select Disk Utility to prepare ML partition

Select the correct partition     Installing

On Lenovo G770 i5 2.3Ghz should take about 16-20 minutes, watch for the last 2 minutes of the installation, it will ask to select your own Extra folder (just use the Modified Extra folder in the USB installer- I use my ML Extra folder copied to the installer before installation) and remove some kexts, some people didn’t have the pop-up options, it’s OK, if it finishes, just boot with the USB installer, click tab, select the ML partition and use -v -f to boot, it will boot fine.

browse to Extra folder     Remove Bad Kext

Remove Bad Kext     Remove Bad Kext

I got a failed message at the end, but it still works. Now, if you don’t have the option of installing the Extra folder, which means you don’t have the PS2 kexts loaded, you will need a USB keyboard and mouse to do everything until you install the Extra folder in the root of the ML 10.8 partition. If you do have the options of loading the Extra folder, you’re home free, no need anything. If you copy the org.chameleon.Boot.plist from the Lion 10.7.4 with the device-properties and dsdt.aml for Lenovo HD3000 to the Extra folder, the graphics will work with full QE/CI/CL right away, copy the theme folder, you will have a nice boot menu.

Installation failed screen     Boot screen Menu

I’m in the process of making a video from beginning to end of this procedure, it’s painless, easy and surely. The next one is to create a SMBios.plist using Champlist to use with iCloud since we’ve been using smbios.plist from multibeast and it doesn’t work. For Network kexts and SleepEnabler.kext, go to download page to get them.

Create your own kexts for Ethernet and Wifi, make sure you have to correct vendors and device ids numbers.

After restoring the external USB ML partition to the internal hard drive, we need to fix the dual boot-Make sure to install the EasyBCD2.1.2 and configure everything-save the config. The problem with Lion 10.7 and ML 10.8 is that they won’t allow us to restore itself to some other partition: there are 2 ways to do it, install 2 ML on 2 partitions on the external USB hard drive (that’s why I emphasized on create 4 partition on a USB experimental hard drive : 2 Mac OS X partitions (20-40GB), 1 Mac OS X partition installer (8GB) and 1 big one FAT32 (4GB size max) or eXFAT (bigger than 4GB size)), the other one is to use the myhack ML installer, boot from it, and use disk utility to restore.

After restoration, run my fix (quick fix) on the internal partition, this will wipe out the boot sector of the hard drive, when you boot to the hard drive, there will only be a cursor, nothing will happen. Boot again with the External USB hard drive with the ML installed or myHackUSB installer, click tab and select the windows partition, it will boot normally  into windows 7, from there go to EasyBCD, recreate dual boot menu (windows and Mac OS X), write to the MBR partition (100MB), create menu again with Windows and Mac OS X one more time, save it and voila, the dual boot will come back.

bad MBR      Dual Boot

fix dual boot MBR with easyBCD212

To be continued…

June 26, 2012 Some hickups – DVD player can’t initialize the DVD – VCL is used to play DVD. The DVD drive eject button no longer there and so is the resolutions display icon. Can’t seem to fix some tearing on the screen (not a lot, artifacts don’t exist).

I’m ready for the fully functional Mountain Lion when it’s available, unless something else changes. Everything works – Graphics – Ethernet – Wifi – Much better than the unstable 10.7.4 update.


  • Hey idog,

    May I bother you again about touchpad gesture? Is it possible to make it work?


    • Yes, it’s working fine on my Lenovo, just follow the instruction, put the kexts in the extra folder, the gesture pane in the library/preferencepane folder, run myfix and configure the trackpad and you’re done.

  • Finally I have 10.8 Lion installed on my g770 🙂
    I’ll try to install windows 7 and make dualboot tomorrow. Thanks for your information and your help.

    Here is the result.

    After I installed 10.8 my screen is work fine and I have 2 VGA card shown in system one is HD 6600M/6700M series and another is HD3000 Seem like I can use dual graphics like MBP 🙂

    The things that doesn’t work is Sound and bluetooth but not necessary for Bluetooth. Is it possible to enable sound?

    I already install wireless, ethernet and sleep kext.

    Thanks for your answer.


      • Blue tooth does work now after i installed windows and turn it on.

        Now I got dualboot.

        Sound still doesn’t work. Can you help me?

        Honestly didn’t follow exactly your step. I Just use My hack. with default setting and installed your kext wireless, lan and sleep. So now I have no sound. Do you have any idea?

        thanks for your time 🙂

      • Sound does work now after installed voodooHDA.kext


        seem everything work for me 🙂

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