Page Jumps – Splitting Content

Sometimes I write a very long post and I don’t really want to paginate it, I want to have a list of topics and each topic will jump to the correct content on the same page. This is the way to do it. 1. We need to create IDs for these topics (links) – place

Sliderkit 1.9.2

There are many jQuery Sliders out there, I found this Sliderkit 1.9.2 easy to use and configure. We can use it for displaying a post with captions and pictures. The only thing it doesn’t do is displaying iframe embbeded youtube video on the slider perfectly-need to set wmode=transparent . When I have time, I’ll write

Rii Mini FAVI FE01-BL Wireless Remote

2014-07-18 I got a new Q7-Android box for TV and this one works with the box also. Finally I got Netflix – I use my htpc to watch movies on Netflix – I ordered a RF USB wireless keyboard and trackpad from Amazon FAVI Entertainment – FE01-BL model.