Sliderkit 1.9.2

There are many jQuery Sliders out there, I found this Sliderkit 1.9.2 easy to use and configure. We can use it for displaying a post with captions and pictures. The only thing it doesn’t do is displaying iframe embbeded youtube video on the slider perfectly-need to set wmode=transparent . When I have time, I’ll write the custom codes for all these banners, most viewed post slider and this little display down here. You can view the html and look at my idogkit.js to see the custom codes. If you have lots of scripts on your website or blog, make sure no-conflict is implemented.

[Audi: Fix and Improve Cars]

This is Audi Blog: Fix and Improve Cars – click the picture to go there!!! but not really it will be a fancybox pop up – move the mouse to the right or left to advance to the next frame…


Since it doesn’t display embedded video link very well – we display youtube video through fancybox- click to see…


Another way to display youtube – iframe….

[Technology Today]

This is Mac OS X On PC Blog: Where we build Mac on our windows pcs and laptop….


This is Silicon Valley Living: Raising a family in the Bay Area – Home Improvement – Housing – Growing with children – Personal finances…

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