Page Jumps – Splitting Content

Sometimes I write a very long post and I don’t really want to paginate it, I want to have a list of topics and each topic will jump to the correct content on the same page. This is the way to do it.

1. We need to create IDs for these topics (links) – place the <a href=”#topic1″>topic1</a> as the link.

2. Create anker point where topic1 link should jump to.<a id=”topic1″>this is topic1 where the link should jump to<a>

A. Topic1.

Link to anker (where this link will jump to) = <em><a href=”#topic1″>A. Topic1.</a></em>

B. Topic2.

C. Topic3.


<a id=”topic1″></a><br/> !!! Put this anker with empty line for the link to jump to the title “Topic1″
<p style=”text-align: center;”><em>Topic1</em></p>


Blah blah blah



<em><a href=”#topic2″>B. Topic2.</a></em>


This is topic 2


Topic 3

<em><a href=”#topic3″>C. Topic2.</a></em>


This is topic 3


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