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Set Up My New iPhone 6

Install Maxboost Glass Screen Protector.  Finally, I got my first iPhone ever, iPhone 6. This is how I set up and use my iPhone for the first time. For people who have been using iPhones, it’s normal, but for new iPhone users like me, these thing should be done and used for basic. 1. Set […]


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Shortcodes For Boostrap Collapsible

  [bs] I like to use Bootstrap for my blogs, so I created a few shortcodes for collapsible and link buttons when I need to use them. [mybs data=”1″ title=”this is title1″]1. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit,[/mybs] [mybs data=”2″ title=”this is title2″]2. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit,[/mybs] [mybs data=”3″ […]


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How To Remove Scripts On Mobile Devices

I use responsive viewport tags for my blogs and they’ve been working every well across all mobile devices. I have a jQuery called imgPreview and it works quite well on Desktops and tablets, but not well on small devices like iPhones, Android Phones, iPod Touches. I created a footer-phone.php to remove all scripts that don’t […]


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