Amazon Fire HD 8 Android Tablet

01/29/2018 The tablet started to drop signals with wifi frequently on both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz. The apps launcher became extremely slow. I think the tablet is defective. Returned it for a different one.

I need an Android tablet to play with and Samsung seems to be a great choice among tablets until I read about Amazon Fire HD 8, the only draw back about this one is Google Play Store is NOT loaded. You can’t install any Android apps if you don’t have Google Play Store because most of them registered with Google Play Store and Amazon app store only has some Amazon affiliated apps. To make this fast, long battery life, small tablet into full blown Android tablet, all we need is to install Google Play Store. I bought the 16GB version near new for $54, but the new one is on sale for $79. If I knew it’s this good, I would have paid for the 32GB version one.

Google Play Store Installed     Fire HD 8 Back Side

The Android OS on this tablet is 5.6.1, so new Alexa App that supports new IoT wifi devices won’t work. So using Alexa to control these devices is out. Although we can use their individual software to control them over the internet like Nest, Kasa… Verify before you buy.

The files needed to get Google Play Store installed and functional are listed on this website or you can download directly from the links that works for me: Google Account Manager, Google Services Frame Work, Google Play Services, Google Play Store

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