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InMotion Hosting Terms Of Services

I got a courtesy email to remind me of one of the Terms Of Services that I never read or knew about, I think it’s fair for NOT storing these zip files on the server, which cost more for the Hosting company. I think it’s nice of InMotion Hosting to remind me instead of suspense

InmotionHosting First Impressions

We would’ve never discovered Inmotion Hosting company if our current Justhost didn’t throw a TOS violation of “inodes” limitations. We’ve been blogging for a little more than 2 years, we have tons of images to show on our websites and we didn’t know about this “inodes” stuff until now. We’ve been very happy with Justhost

Move WordPress Blogs To A New Server

WordPress has all the tools to move a current blog to a new server or a new url easily with preserving all comments, view counts and everything that I know of. I had to move my blogs with hundreds of posts and comments and view counts for many popular posts from Justhost.com to Inmotion Hosting

Install WordPress With InmotionHosting

If you’ve just signed up with Inmotion Hosting like me, you will receive an email to direct you to your new server for your website and you want to start your first blog using the popular WordPress 3.2.1, here is how we did ours. Click on click here to get started and the login panel