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We would’ve never discovered Inmotion Hosting company if our current Justhost didn’t throw a TOS violation of “inodes” limitations. We’ve been blogging for a little more than 2 years, we have tons of images to show on our websites and we didn’t know about this “inodes” stuff until now. We’ve been very happy with Justhost until now, after renewal contract of 2 years, we received the notification of 215000 inodes over the 50000 inodes allowed. If Justhost warned us up front, we would never renew the contract (this is a very low blow). Anyhow, we looked for a no limit “inodes” hosting company and we found Inmotion Hosting. Since we have 2 years still with Justhost, we just need to move some blogs over the new Inmotion Hosting to reduce the “inodes” count to 50000. Although Justhost didn’t shutdown our website and gave us 1 week to delete files, but with this “inodes” thing, it’s a deal breaker. We rather pay more to concentrate on blogging instead of new problems keep coming up. We would pay more with Justhost since they’ve been very reliable and have good services. Now we found Inmotion Hosting.

We chat with a salesperson (P.K) and told him about our dilemma and he cleared everything with us. The price for the package we chose was business Power plan which will cost about 2.5 times the current plan we have with Justhost. Well, Inmotion Hosting is US based, we want to help our economy and we would like to try this US based company for 1 year and we got a deal for it. To us, we think to get good services and performance for our websites, we do have to pay a little more, especially in the US. If all things go well, our future ads will pay for the cost in no time. Our blogs are personal.


We signed up with PK on the chat line, paid through Paypal at 11.05 AM on Sunday and we received the email how to activate our account and log in to server at 11.21 AM. To us, that’s very good. The server was ready for us to start blogging.

The next day, we were at a different computer and we tried to access the CPANEL, we got the connection problem, we went to the chat support and “SP” solved the problem for us in less than 2 minutes. That’s great service and support.

Now we’re blogging and we haven’t seen any down time yet, the download and upload speed through Cpanel is amazing. We like the Cpanel because Justhost uses this and so does Inmotion Hosting.

1GB upload size     upload speed

Let’s just hope there won’t be any low blows from Inmotion Hosting and we will keep the service as long as we’re still blogging. We know everyone needs to make money, it’s better to lay out everything up front for the customers to see instead of trying to make more money by throwing all these TOS violation stuff.

2011-11-10 – update- my domain was down twice this monththat I know of . I don’t know how many other times it’s down. I’m requesting to change server. Let’s see what happens.

The request was executed today, it was quick and painless, the service is fast and efficient.

Hello XXX,

Thank you for contacting us.

Your account has been moved to a newer, less populated serve, as requested. You should receive your new server details shortly. Please allow 4 to 24 hours for DNS propagation.

Please let us know if you have any further questions; we are more than happy to help. By the way, our new support center features hundreds of great new articles, improved search results and a new community driven Question and Answer section! Our new support center is located at

Best Regards,


757-416-6575 (Int’l)
NEW: 24×7 EMAIL and PHONE Technical Support

The support chat never took more than 1 minute to get a live person. That’s amazing.



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  • Hi idog,

    Thanks for posting a review of our services. I’m glad thus far you’ve found our tech support to be helpful and efficient. I just wanted to let you know, if there’s anything you ever need help with or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. That’s what we’re here for!

    Thanks again for your honest opinion!

    Tim S

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