Transfer MP3 From Ipod To PC

Since our cars have ipods/iphones interface to play music, we started to collect all these old ipods with dead battery and leave them in the car as music player. We want to transfer our MP3 from one iPod to our computer, but iTunes won’t let us. The only way to do it is to copy […]

Lumix ZS8 System Error (Zoom) Fixed

[title]2014-09-27 From one of the youtube comments by Gray before disassemble the camera try this procedure first.[/title][body] [1] With the camera switched off slide the ‘Zoom lever’ to the right (T) position and hold down the ‘Shutter’ button for a few seconds then switch the camera on. You need to still be holding the ‘Zoom lever’ […]

Rii Mini FAVI FE01-BL Wireless Remote

2014-07-18 I got a new Q7-Android box for TV and this one works with the box also. Finally I got Netflix – I use my htpc to watch movies on Netflix – I ordered a RF USB wireless keyboard and trackpad from Amazon FAVI Entertainment – FE01-BL model.

Install SSD On Lenovo G770 Laptop

2012-12-21 I got the hdd caddy to replace the DVD with the SSD, I took a chance and bought the one below. It works beautifully for less than $10. 12.7mm caddy for laptop The caddy doesn’t come with any instructions, but the pictures were printed on the caddy itself.      I have to remove the […]

Toshiba Canvio USB 3.0 1TB Hard Drive Removal

Toshiba Canivo 1TB is a great portable drive, except the flimsy 3.0 USB connector at the drive itself. I had it for a few months now, I left the USB connector on the drive and put it in the computer case with all other hardware, the connector was bent and the connection was flaky. I […]

Thunder Tumbler 360 Degrees Remote Controlled Truck

Christmas is coming and my son loves these Thunder Tumber 360 Degrees Radio Remote Controlled trucks that flip, roll, spin around. These trucks only came with 2 radio Frequencies, so if you buy for 3 kids in the same house, you’re out of luck, only 2 different frequencies can actually race together – If you […]