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Lumix DMC FZ28K

I’ve been using the Panasonic FZ40  FZ28 for a few years now. The camera has been great, the pictures are vivid and the HD 720p movie recordings are still very good. It’s been reliable and the batteries still last a few 8GB SD cards. reviews #1 For $199 on sale at amazon with free shipping, […]

Gadgets Hardware

Mio-C520 GPS

2012-10-08 We’re still using this for navigation – it’s been over 5 years. This one has been the most reliable portable gps I’ve had. It’s been a few years now, I always use it every time I go somewhere I’m not familiar with. My Garmin ique3600 was stolen in Park n Fly SFO, paid $500.00 […]

Gadgets Hardware

Panasonic ZS8 Camera

We’ve been using our first Panasonic FZ28 for many years now for taking and recording the kids and tutorials pictures and videos. We’ve been very happy with Panasonic, the price is affordable and the quality, reliability is great. This Christmas we decided to get a small portable Panasonic ZS8 with 16x optical zoom for traveling, […]

Toshiba Thrive

Update Software For Thrive

We got a new Toshiba Thrive 16GB on Thanksgiving weekend. It was a great deal. The software was “xxxxxx18” and we need to update it  to android 3.2.1. Locate “Settings” and “Services Station” icons on the apps screen-click settings and about to check the version then click Services Station to get updates. Update to […]