Clean Black Spots Behind Camera Lens

2014-06-22 Some spots get back in the back of my Lumix ZS8 lens again – I had to remove them.


I don’t know how, but my pictures came out with black spots on them, especially with lighter, whiter scenery. Luckily, my digital camera Lumix ZS8 failed “system error (zoom)” which forced me to open it up to fix it, I tried to open the CCD behind the lens, cleaned it with a Q-tip and voila, all the spots are gone.

spots behind the lens     black spots on lens

Assuming we can get to the back of the camera like I did with our Lumix ZS8, remove 3 screws and lift the CCD up and we can see all these dust with the shapes showing on our images.

ccd screws     ccd and back lens

CCD surface     back lens

The dust and residue on the CCD surface and back of the lens are visible, I just use a dry q-tip to wipe the ccd and the lens very lightly, the dust are gone right away.

Dry Q-Tip      back lens

Gone      back lens

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