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Set Up AirPrint Brother MFC-J485DW On Windows, Mac OS X and iOS

Brother MFC-J485DW AirPrint All-In-One

Our Old Faithful is still working well, but no longer supported with Mac OS X El Capitan and never supported by AirPrint. It’s time to upgrade to an AirPrint Brother All-In-One MFC-J485DW. We got this from Best Buy a few weeks ago when it’s on sale for $69 + $10 1 extra year of warranty.

El Capitan 10.11.5 Drops Old Printers Drivers

I installed El Capitan 10.11.5 on my mSata SSD drive, even migrated all data from the old 10.11.4 hard drive and my Brother MFC-665CW no longer works due to missing driver. Now, the original 10.11.1 had the driver, if I upgraded to 10.11.2 then 10.11.5, the driver is still there and I can still use

Set Up Mavericks 10.9.2 To MFC-665CW Wireless

After installed Mavericks 10.9.2 on my Envy 4-1117nr, I want to make sure the laptop can connect to our MFC-665CW printer/scanner wireless, I downloaded the the software from Brother’s and it works every nicely. Brother is really good with their software. Make sure we set up the wireless LAN for the printer. Set up wireless

Set Up Wireless Network For MFC-685CW

My Aunt got a Brother MFC-685CW since my MFC-665CW wasn’t available, she wanted to print from her laptop, so I set up the wireless network function for her printer. The requirement to set up the printer wireless is a wireless network which provided by a router. First set up wireless network for the router which

Set Up Wireless Network For Brother MFC-665CW

2014-10-12 Replaced ink cartridges with after market makers. They do come in all kinds of shapes, but they do fit and work.       2013-01-12 2012-12-11 Windows 8 scan function doesn’t work since it doesn’t have application for Windows 8 yet or may be never, printer driver does work. 2012-07-29 Connect Wireless with Lion