Set Up Wireless Network For Brother MFC-665CW

2014-10-12 Replaced ink cartridges with after market makers. They do come in all kinds of shapes, but they do fit and work.

mfc665cw_ink1     mfc665cw_ink


2012-12-11 Windows 8 scan function doesn’t work since it doesn’t have application for Windows 8 yet or may be never, printer driver does work.

2012-07-29 Connect Wireless with Lion 10.7.4 and Mountain Lion 10.8 perfectly.

We got a multi-functions printer MFC-665CW from Brother, it’s been great except the wired network through a hub keep failing and we do have many computers to use with this printer. The wireless network feature on this printer is more reliable. Here is how we set ours up. I believe all Brother MFC’s have the same networking features. Now we can print from all laptops and computers in the house that have wifi.

Brother’s Download Center for the driver and software


All multi-function printer these days should have wireless capability built in, if not, choose the one that has because they’re extremely convenient and wifi is a must these days, 2012 is near.

For MFC-665CW we need to turn the LAN to wireless (WLAN) option instead of wired (LAN). We need to know the SSID of our router network and the type of security and password to connect. The nice thing about this is that if the router can generate many connection, create one connection with the easiest type to connect like WPA/TKIP instead of WPA2/AES and use this one. The laptops can connect to the internet with WPA2/AES connection and still connect to the printer with WPA/TKIP (this will be in the Wireless Networking Tutorial).

mfc665cw Lan menu

Select Network I/F (interface) as WLAN = wireless lan

wlan Setup WLAN

If network has security password, don’t use easy setup, let the MFC-665CW to search for our SSID and it will do that very well (all SSIDs exist around the house). Select the low easy SSID that we created to connect, select type of security and enter the password and it will connect right away.

setup wizard SSID search

found SSIDs select ssid

security type Encryption type

Enter password Connect To WLAN

So, now the MFC-665CW is ready for other WIFI device to connect to with the software installed on each of those devices.

This is the setup from our Lenovo Laptop wifi.

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