Set Up Wireless Network For MFC-685CW

My Aunt got a Brother MFC-685CW since my MFC-665CW wasn’t available, she wanted to print from her laptop, so I set up the wireless network function for her printer.

The requirement to set up the printer wireless is a wireless network which provided by a router. First set up wireless network for the router which I got for her Tenda N. The wireless network should have an SSID. I will connect the printer to this SSID wireless network.

Click the menu button on the printer and select “LAN”,  follow the pictures.






If you use TKIP/AES mixed, you may have to select AES for it to connect successfully. Try both encryption.



Now the MFC-685CW is ready to connect to any wireless devices with correct drivers.


Download software package for the laptop operating system: Windows 7, Linux or Mac OS X.



Extract all the files by doubleclick the downloaded file.







To me Brother MFC series are the best all in one both hardware and software.

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