Transfer MP3 From Ipod To PC

Since our cars have ipods/iphones interface to play music, we started to collect all these old ipods with dead battery and leave them in the car as music player. We want to transfer our MP3 from one iPod to our computer, but iTunes won’t let us. The only way to do it is to copy

Sliderkit 1.9.2

There are many jQuery Sliders out there, I found this Sliderkit 1.9.2 easy to use and configure. We can use it for displaying a post with captions and pictures. The only thing it doesn’t do is displaying iframe embbeded youtube video on the slider perfectly-need to set wmode=transparent . When I have time, I’ll write

Beware Of Magix Software Products

Magix: Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus I had Magic Software Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus (MEP17Plus) for a while now, it’s an easy and OK movie editor software. Since I do format and changed operating systems often, even on the same computer, I couldn’t activate MP4 or MP2 features any more and there is no

Burn DVD Movie With ImgBurn

After we back up our Blu-ray DVD or DVD to files, for DVD structure, we should have 2 folder “audio” and “video_ts”, we can use ImgBurn to burn this to regular DVD-5 to play on any dvd player.