Beware Of Magix Software Products

Magix: Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus

I had Magic Software Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus (MEP17Plus) for a while now, it’s an easy and OK movie editor software. Since I do format and changed operating systems often, even on the same computer, I couldn’t activate MP4 or MP2 features any more and there is no support unless you have to pay for the support, then ask the questions later. I don’t like software that nickle and dime consumers. Stay away from software like this.

MP4 codec   

Since I can’t use MP4 or MP2 codec any more, I have to use the quick time output instead until I find a new software to buy.

Quick time    Quick Time

Quick time     Quick Time

If I want to convert to MP4, I use handbrake to convert MOV.

Magix: Music Maker MX

So I bought this music maker software to create background music for my you tube videos, guess what, they claim their rights on the loops I use. So don’t buy this software if you’re going to monetize your you tube videos.

Now I understand why the piracy people say, software registration, activation is to keep legitimate consumers from using it.

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