Elivco Tuya WiFi Smart Video Doorbell

I have a Nest video door bell which is nice but I have to subscribe to watch video clips recorded. I ordered Elivco Tuya Smart Video Doorbell from Aliexpress. The problem is I didn’t know this one has NON-wide angle camera although they have other models that have, unlike Nest. The resolution is good, the camera is easy to setup especially with Tuya App effortlessly.  It does have both Battery and 12-24VAC power which is convenient. It also has slot for micro SD card up to 128Gb. I use 32Gb only since it only records motion detection, so it’s not all day.

  • To setup we need to connect our phone with the SSID that we want to use, if you have 2.4Ghz only then use it since this one is dual band, both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz, 2.4Ghz range is longer than 5Ghz range.
  • We need the Tuya App download on your phone to setup.
  • Before we connect using 12-24VAC power, we use the battery power first to setup.
  • In the back there’s a slot for microSD, power on/off switch and a reset button. To setup, we need to turn on the power switch, hold the reset button for a few seconds until we hear it’s in reset.
  • Open the Tuya App, select manual add device, click the “+”, select “Security and Lock” then select “Doorbell (dual band)”, the screen will come up, just follow the screen direction.
  • When it comes to the barcode, we need to face the phone screen barcode to the camera for it to read, if it’s correct, it will beep and click next then it’s installed in the Tuya App with “Smart Video DoorBell”. Now it’s working with Tuya App, plug in the microSD card if you have one up to 128GB.
  • The next one is the doorbell chime unit. To pair this one, you need to turn on the Smart Video Doorbell App, then press the doorbell button, it will link and sound whatever the song you chose on the Chime unit. In order for the Chime unit to pair, press and hold the volume button for 5 second to put into mute mode first before pressing the door bell button.
  • When the setup is done, just mount the unit in front of the door, I used the angle block to see more.

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