F31 Tuya Smart Deadbolt Lock

     My kids get tired of forgetting the keys and they all have smart phones, I researched and decided to get the inexpensive F31 Tuya App Smart Bluetooth, Fingerprints, Key codes, and Zigbee gateway to use the WIFI to control the F31 remotely from outside the house.

    There are many types of smart deadbolt locks ranging from $150-$400 depend on brands. The one I bought from Aliexpress cost $121 including the gateway ($21). The quality control wasn’t good so the first one, the keypads didn’t work, the shipping time is horribly slow, it took a month for the first one and more than a month for the replacement. I’m not sure if I want to buy from this dealer although the service was good but the shipping I could do without. There’s a company that sells the same thing on Amazon with different brand, but still the smart deadbolt F31.(I would buy from here before trying the Aliexpress that I bought from.

    I like this one because it fits the door hole perfectly without needing to drill or modify the existing door. All the smart deadbolt lock have some batteries drain concern because of all the electronics connectivities, bluetooth, wifi etc… This one uses 4 AA 1.5V batteries and it has an USB-C connection outside for emergency power in case the batteries ran out, but it does have low battery warning.

There are 2 popular smart locks apps, Tuya and TTLock, Tuya can integrate with smart home devices while TTLock only for smart locks. To me, I use Tuya App for everything in the house, Alarm, Security Cameras, etc.

It’s only been a day, but the lock’s been working very well. 

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