Home Alarm With Wireless Sensors

Since our home had been burglarized this month, I decided to get an alarm for the house. After reading about all these home alarm system, stumbled into a website that brokers some alarm products from China, I took a chance and ordered one for $149. I was amazed how well this system works and everything came as described in the website.

The shipping was free and it did come very quickly, especially from China: The box came with an alarm set and extra 4 wireless motion sensors and wireless high pitch horn.

alarm box     Inside the box

Inside the alarm set box: 1 motion sensor, wired alarm horn, 3 remotes, wireless magnet sensor, main unit and 14 other wireless magnet sensors (I can put on every windows and doors around the house).

inside the box     Inside the box

wireless magnet     Mounting bracket

Plug in the main unit, turn on the motion sensor unit and install battery for the wireless magnet sensor and I’m ready to test the unit. This alarm system only came with a small manual book, no CD, so if we lose this book we’re done. I need to follow the instruction to a “T” to get the telephone dialing to work, and it works with motion sensors, magnet sensors, upstairs, downstairs, remote arms/disarms and the wireless range is amazing through out the house.

Main unit     Battery

motion sensor on switch     Ready to test

Programmed 2 phone numbers with 2 cell phones to see if the Main Unit will call them in sequence and it did, if the first one answered but doesn’t feed back with a key, the second one is called, amazing. One more feature is remote panic button, we can activate the loud piercing horns when we feel intruder is trying to break in while we’re at home.

Test     Testing The Alarm

Here is how it works as designed.

Now all I need to do is to find a place for the main unit, the power cord is very short so it must be mounted not too high above the outlet, the telephone cord needs to be plugged in. I have an answering machine, and this machine is plugged into the “tel” port of the main unit and it works fine, providing I don’t program the unit to answer after so many rings before the answering machine, so remote programming is not used. The goal is to give the remotes to the “trusted” neighbors to turn it on and off when needed. Unless you don’t have friendly neighbors, then “make friends”.

Cheers and hope your house is safe,

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