No Place Is Safe When We Are Careless

2012-03-07 I install Home Alarm and Security Surveillance Cameras for a little peace of mind.

So we thought we found a house in a statistically safe zip code and we’re “immune” from crime, but we found out a hard way. Our house was burglarized last week. We were careless, we locked all down stairs doors and windows but not the upstairs. We left the ladder in the back yard for them to use to climb up our windows and get in… Very convenient. Well, live an learn. The firesafe was taken with all the jewelry including our kids “red envelopes” lucky money from the last few years. It was scary to see our house and privacy invaded by someone, but the most important thing is no one was hurt physically, we’re still blessed. We actually forgot to close the garage door a few times and nothing happened then, but time is changing. As a high tech person as I’m, cameras and alarm will be installed with internet monitoring. Yes, we lost some money, jewelry, but the important documents in the firesafe are a pain to duplicate. We got our self a safety deposit box for these documents now. These days it cost a bunch ($700) to have new passports, social security cards and birth certificates.

our ladder     the window

the room      The chair

They used our gloves for protection… another convenient thing.

The firesafe was in the corner     Red envelopes and jewelry boxes

The Master     

Since I watched so many CSI movies, something doesn’t add up.

1. The ladder wasn’t extended when they left the place by the front door and from the top of the ladder to the window is over 8 feet.

2. They left the place with the window slide back to almost close.

3. The flimsy blinds didn’t break or torn when they climbed in, the remotes next to the window didn’t even get knocked around.

Anyhow, it’s over, let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again, because we don’t have any more jewelry or red envelopes for anyone to take.

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