How To Add Touch Screen To Android TV Box

Some Android TV Box has built-in hid-multitouch.ko for capacitive or resistive touch screen panel, some don’t, like my M9S Pro. In order for the Android box to recognize the USB touch screen controller, we need to load the hid-multitouch.ko when the system boots up. There are many ways to install this hid-multitouch.ko, but the easiest one is to use an app called Android Module Loader to load the file every time it boots up. This hid-multitouch.ko is for Android 6.0.1 and 7.1.2.

Capacitive Touch Screen


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  1. I have another question
    I bought Xiaomi Box 4k and IR touchscreen: //
    I try connect touchscreen to xiaomi box and it doesn’t work. On the other hand mouse via USB works . Propably i need some drivers to USB in xiaomi box. Do you have any experience with this topic?

    Thank you for any advice.

  2. Hello
    Do you know how is this hid-multitouch.ko works on android 8.1? Or do you know how to check if this file is correctly installed?

    1. I believe if you open a terminal window, download from Google Play, you can issue the lsmod command and you should see hid-multitouch

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