How To Create an ISO image with files and folders on Mac OS X

Sometimes I want to create an iso image so I can use with Windows OS and burn to a DVD if I need to on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.4. I documented this so I can use it later.

1. Use diskutility to create a blank image of 4.6GB = 4600MB (most DVD is 4.7GB).

Create a blank image with diskutility     Create Blank Image of 4.6GB

2. Open the test_image.dmg and copy files and folders until it maxed out of 4.6GB or 4600MB.

3. When it’s done, eject the test_image (unmount).

4. Open a terminal and use “hdiutil convert” command to change test_image.dmg to test_image.iso.cdr.

hdiutil convert test_image.dmg -format UTDO -o test_image.iso

The test_image.iso.cdr will be created.

mv test_image.iso.cdr test_image.iso     !! This will change iso.cdr to iso only.

Command to convert dmg to iso

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