Remove and Replace HP Envy 4-1115DX 14″ Digitizer Glass Screen

My daughter shattered her HP Envy 4-1115dx digitizer glass screen. For people who didn’t know how to order the screen, touchscreen laptops have 2 parts, the front face is the touch panel, digitizer and the one behind it is the LCD display. The digitizer is the glass part that broke or cracked. Make sure you got the right one, the digitizer is more expensive than the LCD display and the cheapest one I found online is $70 from China.

HP Envy 4-1115dx cracked digitizer screen

We need to remove 2 front screws holding the back cover in place, just above the hinges. Just crack open the back plate from the plastic holding the LCD panel and the digitizer glass.

remove 2 screws holding the display back cover     separate the back cover from the display envy 4-1115dx

Close the laptop exposing the back display and remove the brackets, the display connector, digitizer connector, then remove the display panel from the digitizer.

remove display brackets envy 4-1115dx     remove display brackets envy 4-1115dx

remove display holding bracket and lift up     remove display holding bracket and lift up

remove display connector envy 4-1115dx     remove digitizer connector cable envy 4-1115dx

remove display brackets envy 4-1115dx     remove display brackets envy 4-1115dx

Remove the display from digitizer envy 4-1115dx     digitizer without display hp envy 4-1115dx

The digitizer is attached to the plastic frame with double sided tape. We need to separate them and clean the plastic frame completely before applying the tape for better adhesion. We should remove the antenna and camera wires at this time before removing the digitizer from the frame.

Separate plastic frame from digitizer envy 4-1115dx     Separate plastic frame from digitizer envy 4-1115dx

permanent double sided tape     Apply new double sided tape on frame envy 4-1115dx

Clean the digitizer edge and place it in the frame tightly and fully.

double sided tape is done on envy 4-1115dx     new digitizer is glued to double sided tape fully

Put back everything and it should be working and nice.

Envy 4-1115dx with new digitizer


    • Hello Jabran,
      Use 3M double sided tape, but the best one is to use cloth double sided tape as originally. My smooth one did fall out.

  • Hey, I want to buy the same front glass. Can you tell me where I can get it from ?
    Please provide any links.

    • Hello,
      The one I bought on Ebay no longer has it for sale, there’s one //
      Anyhow, I still have the one that I bought for $70 and installed in my daughter’s laptop. The hinge broke, so I bought the whole screen which happened the touch smart still worked so I removed the new one I bought. I can sell it to you for $50 + shipping since I don’t need it any more. It works. Email me or you can buy the one in china.

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