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How To Make Your First Desktop Hackintosh

December 28, 2020 / 178 views

I’m a laptop guy but I like to have a fast PC that can run macOS Catalina and Big Sur since I don’t use Windows 10 much. On this post, I’ll show how I select the components and set up the files for booting Catalina and Big Sur. Custom built desktops are harder to hackintosh than OEM prebuilt ones. The most important component is choosing the correct and supported GPU fully. We need to check the supported GPU list on Dortania. I’ve used both AMD R9 280 and GTX 760, one requires more power to run than the other. R9 280 seems to freezes once in a while and only works with a certain smbios while GTX 760 can run with all, I use 700W Power Supply, although it’s not a brand name one. I do think it may be the power supply clean power that cause the random freezes.

Replace Qualcom WIFI module with Intel AC7265 for Big Sur

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