How To Patch DSDT and SSDTs For Perfect MacBook Pro On Hackintosh

The perfect Hackintosh MacBook Pro or Air is the ability to perform tasks, sleep/wake, ACPI power management just like a real thing or even better. We need to patch the DSDT and SSDTs correctly for these functions to work just like the originals. We need apps: iasl, maciASL, and information from Rehabman reference websites. There are many tutorials out there doing the short cuts to get ACPI power management working, but the original ways before is still working well. SSDTPRGen is the best one which is being replaced by SSDT-PLUG.aml. The SSDT-UIAC-ALL.dsl is still working perfectly with USBInjectAll.kext from Rehabman. Do the old fashion way is always the best, these days, hackintoshers are too impatient to learn to understand and tend to like short cuts to everything.

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  • Hi, could you share your patched DSDT for OpenCore (820G3) ? i dont know how to patch by myself the DSDT for manage battery.

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