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How To Set Up An Inexpensive Hi-Fi Home Karaoke System

11/20/2016 Revised version to explain better how to connect mixer.

01/16/2016 The mixer came, this is how to hook up a simple karaoke system with Chromecast, Karaoke Mixer, Wireless Microphones and sound bar or receiver.

OK, the kids like to sing after watching The Voice. I set up a Karaoke system for them with the existing Electronic components at home: a sound bar with subwoofer, a receiver with speakers, a LED TV with HDMI input and optical/analog outputs, an Xbox One, Xbox 360, an old Karaoke DVD player with microphone inputs/echo function, a set of wireless microphones.

  1. Xbox One to stream Youtube Karaoke songs to TV via HDMI (cost money to buy xbox live -$39/year) or : Apple TV, Chrome Cast, Fire Stick, Roku, Laptop, PC, iPhones, Android phones, iPods, iPads to stream Youtube to Chrome Cast, Fire stick.
  2. Output of TV: optical or analog to sound bar inputs.
  3. Wireless microphone output to Karaoke player microphone input or Karaoke audio mixer: should have microphone echo function.
  4. Output of Karaoke player or mixer connect to Stereo receiver input (CD, Tape, Videox, etc).
  5. Stereo Receiver will be output for the voice through microphone.
  6. Sound bar output will be the sound of music from the Youtube video.
  7. 2 separate devices for sound, more clear.
  8. If you only have one source of Stereo output: get a mixer, connect output of TV and microphones to Mixer, output of the mixer to the Stereo receiver input.



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12 Comment

  1. i hooked up the systems the way you shown on the youtube video, but i still get no sound. i have a sony receiver and Lg sound bar. the Lg sound bar have only optical. Also i am using the Fifine karaoke sound mixer. can you tell how correct this problem.

    here how I hooked the systems.

    1 Audio RCA cable from TV to IN on the karaoke sound mixer
    2 OUT of karaoke sound Mixer to IN CD on the receiver

    Then I tried hooking optical from TV to Optical IN on LG sound bar
    Still NOT WORKING!

    What Am I doing wrong?
    Thank you

    1. You don’t need the RCA to the mixer anymore since you have the LG sound bar with optical – find an optical cable and connect optical output of the TV to the input of the LG sound bar – that will be your music. Connect your microphone to the Fifine karaoke sound mixer, the output of the mixer goes to the CD. Turn on the LG bar and Sony receiver, you should have music from the TV out to the LG bar and your voice will come out of the CD receiver, just like my system. Watch the video where I play with the sound bar and the receiver. SAME WAY.

    2. What’s not working, it’s simple, if your microphone and mixer is working, you can hear your voice coming out of the receiver when you select CD as the output (if you plug the output of the mixer to the CD input), make sure you check your mixer and turn the mic volume to max and power it on. The TV is simple, if your optical output is correct, go to the LG sound bar optical input, make sure select the optical at the LG and turn the power on (read the manual), whatever you play on the TV should come out the LG sound bar. You can just test the separately.

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