Jive Mini Pods Review

I saw the ads on Facebook, especially it claimed great bass, so I went to the website and bought 2. Jive Mini Pods sold 1 for $35 but $19.99 for the second one, great deal. It took over a month to ship from China, the quality wasn’t great, both of mine, white and black only the right side worked while the left sides had no power. None of these were sealed, they might send me the opened boxes even though I paid for new ones. The white box speaks Chinese and had no software GUI connection on my iPhone while the black one did. I called the service number and the people are quite helpful and efficient, after a few emails back and forth trying to fix the pods, they decided to send me the replacement. It took 2 weeks for the new replacement to come, again, only the black one is sealed and the white one opened box, but they both work out of the box, it’s a relief … I gave one to my sister and she loves it. These are great for just hand free phone calls, the sound is crisp and mic is clear. The bass while listening to music is not over boosted like the Bose or the Apple Airpods but they’re just right, the important thing is it’s quite clear and the bass is true. I do like them. The batteries seem to only last 2 hrs listening to iTunes, but the batteries were never charged 100%. For me, $30 for the pair is a great deal and they serve their purpose, I do enjoy talking on the phone and listening to music with one and save the other one when one is out of battery. They’re small, light and fit perfectly in my ears.

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