Replace Netbook AO751h Hard Drive

Acer Netbook AO751h is a great little laptop w/o dvd drive and hdmi output, but it has everything else: bluetooth, wifi, 1366×768 screen, 11.6″ screen and a 1.3Ghz CPU with 2Gb ram and 250Gb hard drive, 3g ready if we want to use it as a phone. Anyhow, since the 2.5″ hard drive is going down in prices, we can get a 500Gb for $49, we decided to upgrade the hard drive and use the old 250Gb as a USB external with a $7 enclosure.

The way the hard drive set up in the back of the base is very easy to get to, 2 screws and the lid comes out.

hard drive cover

The 2.5″ hard drive is secured by an aluminum shield with a few screws to hold the hard drive down.

Aluminum hard drive shield

Remove these screws and we can see the hard drive under it. Open from the left up and slide the hard drive out slowly and firmly from the connector to the right.

2.5" hard drive under the shield

new 500Gb from Hitachi

old and new hard drives

Slide the new hard drive from left to right at the connector, make sure it align correctly before pushing it completely in the connector. Make sure the hard drive lays down flat and connector in completely. Put back the shield and screws and we’re done.

put back the shield and screws and done

If we did it correctly, when we boot up and go to the bios, we should see our new drive listed.

new hard drive listed in the bios

Again, this is the way we did ours, please only use these instructions as references only, do everything with your own risks.



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