Tuya PTZ Autotracking WiFi Camera

I saw this Tuya PTZ Autotracking on Aliexpress and wanted to try for my house for $36. I didn’t expect it to work well since it’s very inexpensive. The 3MP is supposed to be high resolution and it did come out very clear. This one came with a very short power cable and adapter from 120V to 12V 2A. I ordered a 12V DC extender to use with it when I’m done setting it up. This one is WIFI controlled using Tuya App which works quite well. The instruction is pretty accurate and the only thing is you need to connect to 2.4GHz wifi channel on your router.

To set this camera default position, we need to move the camera to the position that we want and click the star icon to store it. I think we can store 3 positions. After the motion tracking, it will go back to the default position.

Need to turn off the motion alarm because it notifies on your phone every time it detects and it’s annoying.

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